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Drag Queen Story Time for Toddlers

Drag Queen Story Time for Toddlers On Monday we alerted you about Washoe County Public Library advertising their new kid’s event “Drag Queen Story Time”. Come to find out that this event is just a part of their plan to celebrate “Gay Pride” during July. The library...

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According  to Alliance Defending Freedom: "A student who fails use a preferred pronoun can be punished if a school official determines that such actions create an intimidating or hostile educational environment." Read the entire ADF legal memo here. Read:  First...

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CCSD Exposed

Clark County School District Exposed Can you Help with the Fight for Privacy? Can you Help with the Fight for Privacy? We knew that the poll we had conducted would help us stop this policy. It was effective last night and will continue to be effective as we move...

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Event Information:

  • Wed

    AB 348 Hearing

    3:15 pmNevada Legislature 401 S Carson St, Carson City, NV 89701

    AB 348 would mandate the expansion of sex education for every public school in Nevada.  Every school district will be forced to adopt curriculum like the curriculum currently being considered in Washoe County School.

    This bill would expand the scope of what is being taught in sex education from health basics to the promotion of radical social issues including the affirmation of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

    This bill changes the sex education curriculum in Nevada from opt in to opt out, leading parents to receive less information about the curriculum, and those coming in to teach it. Nevada is one of the few states that currently respects parental rights by requiring parents to opt in to these classes, and now legislators want to take that away from us.
    If AB 348 passes, this statewide mandate will force all schools to:
    • promote abortion
    • inform students on where to obtain contraceptives without parental knowledge
    • promote dangerous sexual experimentation
    • promote gender fluidity, the idea that your gender is not decided by your biology but by your feelings
    • promote and affirm different sexual orientations

Drag Queen Story Time Coming to Sparks

“We thought this program would compliment the Northern Nevada Pride Parade.” Jeff Scott, Library Director

Contact the Washoe County Commissioners

Please politely express your objection to these events.  Tell them it is inappropriate to use county tax dollars to promote controversial lifestyles that parents, families and tax-payers object to.
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