Action Alert

Stop the New Sexual Education Mandates on Nevada School Districts

AB 348 will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday April 5th at 3:15pm at the Nevada State Capitol in room 3142.

AB 348 would mandate the expansion of sex education for every public school in Nevada.  Every school district will be forced to adopt curriculum like the curriculum currently being considered in Washoe County School.

This bill would expand the scope of what is being taught in sex education from health basics to the promotion of radical social issues including the affirmation of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

This bill changes the sex education curriculum in Nevada from opt in to opt out, leading parents to receive less information about the curriculum, and those coming in to teach it. Nevada is one of the few states that currently respects parental rights by requiring parents to opt in to these classes, and now legislators want to take that away from us.

If AB 348 passes, this statewide mandate will force all schools to:
  • promote abortion
  • inform students on where to obtain contraceptives without parental knowledge
  • promote dangerous sexual experimentation
  • promote gender fluidity, the idea that your gender is not decided by your biology but by your feelings
  • promote and affirm different sexual orientations
Expanding the curriculum to start teaching sex education at a younger age will only serve to provide activists, special interest groups, and their allies an audience of children for their social indoctrination beginning in kindergarten. Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and other outside groups will be allowed to come in and teach this over-the-top controversial material to students according to their biased values.
Please contact the Assembly Education Committee members and urge them 
to oppose AB 348.