Clark County School District Exposed

Can you Help with the Fight for Privacy?

Can you Help with the Fight for Privacy?

We knew that the poll we had conducted would help us stop this policy. It was effective last night and will continue to be effective as we move forward to future meetings.

This poll exposes where Clark County residents really stand, on the side of privacy for all.Our victory comes with a cost. We have still must pay for our polling which cost a total of $3500.

Even if you aren’t in Clark County, CCSD is the fifth largest school district in the nation, and a win here, is a win for parental rights everywhere.We need you to continue standing with us against dangerous policies, and for common sense policies that protect all.

The Nevada Family Alliance released results from a weekend survey showing Clark County residents overwhelmingly oppose a new and expanded policy on gender fluidity.

According to the survey results, Clark County residents support a safe learning environment for all students, but disagree with CCSD that new policies are needed in order to achieve this.

Over 70% of those surveyed felt strongly that CCSD should focus on protecting student safety and privacy by enforcing their current policies rather than creating new ones.

Over 67% believe that school restrooms and locker rooms should be places where privacy is protected and private facilities should be private for all students.

Clark County does not favor allowing students to choose which bathroom to use, and feel that requiring students to use the bathroom of their biological sex is not considered discrimination.