Education is not a “one-size-fits-all.” Parents should have the right to select the education option that is best for their children, whether that be: private school, public school, homeschooling, or a mix thereof. The government cannot understand the needs of a child at the same depth as a parent, therefore parents should be at the forefront of a child’s education, not the government.

Schools and teachers should seek to include, rather than exclude, parents. Public education over the years has taken on a larger role than simply equipping children with the knowledge of basic academics, instead it has evolved into tackling social issues eluding that teachers and school officials understand the social and emotional needs of a child better than the parent.

Parents need to regain their role in their child’s education and Nevada Family Alliance wants to help.

Related Bills

SB 225 – Bullying Private Schools

Under the guise of creating a “safe and respectful learning environment” SB 225 would require all private schools, including religious schools, to adopt anti-bullying policies and practices, provide instruction to staff and students, and communicate messages that conflict with the schools’ beliefs regarding human sexuality or the immutability of biological sex.

For example, a religious school could be found in violation of SB 225 if it:

  • Maintained separate showers, locker rooms, and restrooms based on biological sex;
  • Implemented a dress code that required students to dress consistent with their biological sex;or
  • Held a chapel service where Biblical teachings regarding humans sexuality and the belief  that marriage is between a man and woman are taught to the students.
SB 225 imposes state-sanctioned views regarding sexual orientation and gender identity upon religious schools, violating the freedom of speech, religion, and association afforded to private schools.

This bill clearly infringes on the right of religious schools to speak and act consistent with their religious beliefs. 

Read the full-text here: SB 225

Please contact the Senate Education Committee members and urge them to oppose SB 225.

Moises Denis – Chair

 AB 186- Reducing Parental Control Over Education

AB 186 would lower the mandatory age to start school from 7 years old to 5 years old and mandate that all Nevada public elementary schools have a pre-kindergarten program for 4-year-olds. For more information click here

Read the full-text bill here: AB 186

AB 348- Expanding Sexual Education Mandates

This bill would expand the scope of what is being taught in sex education from health basics to the promotion of radical social issues. This bill changes the sex education curriculum in Nevada from opt in to opt out, leading parents to receive less information about the curriculum, and those coming in to teach it.
Nevada is one of the few states that currently respects parental rights by requiring parents to opt in to these classes, and now legislators want to take that away from us.
Sex education used to be centered around biology, but with AB 348, it would be centered around pushing political and social agendas.
Sex education used to teach students how to handle puberty, but now they want to teach them how to have sex.

Sex education used to begin in fourth or fifth grades, but now the state wants to expand it to all grades, introducing content to younger students that may not be age-appropriate.

If AB 348 passes, this statewide mandate will force all schools to:

  • promote abortion
  • inform students on where to obtain contraceptives without parental knowledge
  • promote dangerous sexual experimentation
  • promote gender fluidity – which teaches that feelings are more valid than facts.
  • promote different sexual orientations and that all lifestyles are as equally valid and acceptable as others. Even though some of these lifestyles conflict with student beliefs, students will be bullied into celebrating these lifestyle choices.
Expanding the curriculum to start teaching sex education at a younger age will only serve to provide activists, special interest groups, and their allies an audience of children for their social indoctrination beginning in kindergarten. Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and other outside groups will be allowed to come in and teach this over-the-top controversial material to students according to their biased values.
Read the full-text bill here: AB 348

Washoe County School District, Proposed Sex-Ed

Keep up to date and informed on the WCSD S.H.A.R.E. Curriculum here. Find out what you can do to prevent Advocates for Youth, a progressive political activist group, from taking over your child’s school.

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