It’s Inappropriate

Thats what we keep hearing.

Some elected officials are claiming that at this point in time it would be inappropriate for them to form an opinion or take a position about the SHARE Committee’s proposal for the new sexual education curriculum.

The SHARE Advisory Committee is a “citizens committee” that was appointed by the WCSD board of trustees and serves at their pleasure.

It’s disingenuous to say that an elected official cannot share their thoughts and opinions on the proposed curriculum as it is being drafted.

Planned Parenthood has given their opinion.

Transgender Allies Group has given their opinion.

Constituents want to know what their elected official’s opinion is.

There is no doubt that School Board members have seen the controversial curriculum and it is now time for them to speak out. Do you support or do you oppose? There is nothing inappropriate about School Board members voicing their position.

What is inappropriate is the proposed curriculum. 

It’s inappropriate to tell teachers to refer to girls and women as “a person with a vulva.”

It’s inappropriate to tell our kids that their biology doesn’t determine their gender.
It’s inappropriate for our schools to promote Planned Parenthood.
It’s inappropriate to encourage our youth to go a “trusted adult” in the place of a parent.
It’s inappropriate for WCSD teachers to tell our youth where to purchase the morning after pill without parental knowledge.
It’s inappropriate to portray families of faith in a negative light.

It’s inappropriate to teach that anal sex is low risk.

There are some things that are inappropriate with WCSD, but elected officials letting constituents know where they stand on this controversial curriculum is not one of them.


Email School Board members today to ask them to make their position on this issue clear.
Contact the WCSD Board of Trustees by clicking here.