According  to Alliance Defending Freedom:
“A student who fails use a preferred pronoun can be punished if a school official determines that such actions create an intimidating or hostile educational environment.”

Free Speech Wins!

We are relieved to announce that the regulation regarding gender identity in Nevada schools being pushed by progressive activist groups, has been pulled from Thursday’s agenda. We at Nevada Family Alliance were glad to be able to lead the battle against a policy that would threaten our students’ free speech, religious freedom, privacy, and safety.
We want to extend a great thanks to Alliance Defending Freedom, the premier legal group who recently won their 9th case before the Supreme Court – bringing them to nine wins in nine years. When we shared with ADF what was being pushed in Nevada Schools, they didn’t hesitate to offer their help in the battle from a legal perspective.
We were able to educate and engage citizens, who ultimately made such an impact that the item was pulled from the agenda. We thank you for answering our call for help. We celebrate that this policy was pulled, however, our fight for Nevada families is far from over. This, among other dangerous polices, lurk at our doorstep. We will remain vigilant and keep you updated on issues that will affect you, your family, religious freedom, or free speech. We consider it an honor to stand on the front lines for Nevada families.

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